Eyebrow Cake

This product allows you to easily and without the need for paint and chemicals, eyebrows in the color you want, and also you can rest assured that your eyebrows have a natural appearance, and according to the color of this product, its color should be It can be easily changed and your skin will not spread at all by sweating.


make your brows look too perfect

Whether you’re a seasoned brow enthusiast or someone learning how to define your brows for the first time, you should know that brow makeup is an art, not a science. It can take a while to nail the look you want, so be patient, and be open to changing it up to see what works.

This affordable kit comes with a powder, a dual-headed application brush, and a spoolie. The manufacturer recommends fill your eybrow with the powder to get a precise arch. The lightweight, long-wear formula lasts all day, so you won’t have to redo your work come lunchtime
Lido Eyebrow Cake

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Eyebrow Cake

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