Lip Liner Pencil

Lido lip pencil has

  • high durability
  • Stunning color scheme
  • Velvet and matte
  • Can be used with a wide range of lipstick colors

Lip liner is like lipstick’s little helper — it helps color last longer while also defining the contours of your mouth.

When applied properly, liners make your lipstick last longer and prevent smudging. Here is why you should add them to your basic makeup kit:

1. Lip liners make lipsticks stick to your lips
2. Lip liners prevent smudging
3. Lip liners can be used for a matte look
4. Lip liners give fuller lips
So, Use LIDO lip liner to get the perfect shape

Lido Lip Liner Pencil

Product Name

Lip Liner Pencil

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