Lipstick Pencil

Lido pencil lipsticks are produced in Germany using one of the latest lipstick production methods in one of the best and most reputable factories in the world.


If you are among those who like to keep their makeup minimal, then you will know the importance of lip color. It is that one aspect that can instantly elevate your look to glam even if you do not bother using any other makeup products. But the trick is of course getting it done right so that the lip color lasts long and gives a neat finish. While applying lip color, most of us skip the process of using a lip liner. We try to outline our lips using the lipstick, thinking that’s good enough. Honestly, you are only making your life tougher. Lip liners should not be neglected because they help shape your lips and make it look clean and precise. Lip liners also help prevent your lipstick from bleeding, and can enhance your lips to make them look fuller and plump and this is magic of makeup ……… with LIDO

Lido Lipstick Pencil

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Lipstick Pencil

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