Lipstick Pure Matt

Lido matte solid lipstick

  • With high durability
  • Lip skin repairer
  • Prevent cracking and flaking of the lips

When you think of makeup, you think of lipstick probably. Lipstick is a cornerstone of everyone’s beauty routine and an essential to every beauty bag. It’s one of the few products that can finish a look, or be a look all on its own. With so many lip products available, finding the right product for you can be a challenge, but finding the perfect shade and formula is always, always worth the leg work. Let me help!

Lipstick holds a very powerful place in a woman’s beauty routine—and has long held its top spot in the hierarchy of makeup. That little tube of pigment has the ability to completely transform your appearance without the help of any other beauty product and comes in any color you can imagine.

LIDO matte lipsticks reflect less light (that is, they’re not glossy). They give the lip a luxurious, velvety finish, which helps the color appear more rich and vibrant.

Lido Lipstick Pure Matt

Product Name

Lipstick Pure Matt

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